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In order to set your wholesale price for your products, you can simply edit within your Stockshare dashboard.

But before we begin setting the wholesale price for each product variant, there are a few things to know:

  1. The wholesale price is excluding tax.
  2. Your RRP is inclusive of tax.
  3. The retailer will be charged the wholesale price plus tax (as set by you).
  4. If your product is inclusive of tax, you need to set the tax rate.
  5. Shipping is set at the product level and charged on top of your wholesale price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must set the wholesale price at the product variant level NOT the product level. By Default your wholesale price is always set to the product RRP pulled from your ecommerce store, to ensure you don't have products that have a wholesale price of $0, and give away products for free by accident. 

Pricing your products

If you are finding it difficult to calculate what price you should set as the wholesale price, download our simple pricing calculator at the bottom of this article.

How to set your pricing

Method 1: In the StockShare Dashboard

  1. Login to your StockShare supplier account.
  2. Click on the products tab.
  3. Click the product you wish to set the pricing for.
  4. When the product window opens, navigate to the variant setting and click the variant you would like to set the price for.

  5. Navigate to the"Pricing" section of the product variant window.
  6. Set the 'Percentage' of your RRP. Your wholesale price for this product variant will be equal to RRP minus Commission minus tax (please check steps 9-11 on how to set up tax).
  7. Double check your RRP is correct. (This is pulled directly from your ecommerce store)
  8. Click "Save Changes" in the upper right corner of the products variant window.
  9. Click on the 'Settings' -> 'System' tab.
  10. Navigate to the "Tax Details" section and set the tax which you want to apply to all your products' wholesale price and shipping.
  11. Click 'Save Changes'.

NOTE: If you have multiple product variants to set the pricing for simply select the other variants in the left hand side of the window under "Variants".

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